Our Services

    We understand that choosing to migrate to Canada can be a difficult decision to make and
appointing the right advisor isn’t any easier, Paul  Parker Associates  has been trusted by
international celebrities, sporting professionals, small businesses, large corporations and
skilled professionals from all over the globe to present their claims for migration before
the relevant authorities. We also participated in numerous taskforces organised by the
Citizenship and Immigration Canada, where we has assisted unauthorised maritime arrivals in
detention facilities on  Quebec city
   Our range of services aim to address the specific needs of the individuals or organisations
we are contracted to represent. Whether it is detailed advice you are after or full and
complete representation before the Canadian government or relevant authorities – we can

Service 1 –  Free Migration Assessment

    Our initial assessments aim to identify whether or not you qualify for a particular
Canadian visa. Once your assessment has been complete we will provide you with details on
the necessary steps you must complete, should you require further expert assistance.

Service 2 – Individual Consultation

   At the consultation stage we discuss your situation in detail then we find a visa that you can apply for using our in depth migration knowledge. We will also address any specific concerns associated with your prospective submissions that have been identified throughout the assessment phase.

  We will then send you a detailed report outlining your eligibility for a particular visa and provide you with details on the necessary steps you must complete to move forward.  Of added value to prospective clients is that the cost of an individual consultation will be deducted from our professional costs should a client decide to proceed to service 3 or 4.

  As we invest time, research and specialist resources in our consultation product we must
charge clients a fee for this. If you are looking for free migration advice we recommend
you contact the Citizenship and Immigration Canada by viewing their website located at

Service 3 – Visa Application Checking Service

 For those who are confident about making their own visa submission but would like a
Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant (CCIC) registered professional to check it first
we offer a reduced price service that aims to identify errors beforehand. 
  We cross reference your individual circumstances against the current status of Canada’s
immigration laws and regulations and for many the outcome can be the difference between
success and failure. Identifying an error beforehand can save you thousands of dollars and
will help you avoid the consequences of an application refusal.

Service 4 – Full Representation

   Our full representation service aimed to provide all our clients with a results oriented
commitment that involves:
    An accurate determination of the procedural requirements associated with your
particular visa subclass.
    A personalised request and review all documentation from you which is based on your
individual circumstances.
    We work with you to prepare all relevant forms;
    We liaise with any external bodies and inform you of any assessments or other
preparatory measures you must undergo prior to the submission of your visa application.
    We collate and present all of the necessary forms and supporting documentation in the
format preferred by CIC;
    We prepare a detailed submission addressing how you meet the legislative criteria
associated with the grant of your visa
    We deliver your application and supporting documentation to the appropriate CIC office
or Canadian Diplomatic Mission.
    We closely monitor and inform you of the progress of your application until CIC or the
relevant authority makes a determination; and
    We notify you immediately of the outcome.
For a confidential discussion on your case please contact our Managing Director Mr. Paul Parker on +44-116-3183-891 or email info@affinity-immigration.com


 The appeal process is frustrating and difficult for many Paul Parker Associate is able to
advise on an assist with all review matters and with attendance at your hearing.
   If you are in or outside of Canada and your visa is subject to a cancellation or a refusal
on character grounds, you may be eligible to have that decision reviewed by the
Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Please note that your eligibility for review will be
dependent on the visa you held or made and application to obtain.

   The AAT has the power to set aside an unfavourable decision made by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada and substitute a more favorable decision in it’s place. Alternatively, the AAT has power to remit an application back to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada with a direction the applicant satisifies the grounds on which the initial application was refused.

  We offer a forceful representation before the Citizenship and Immigration Canada and
Canadian high commissions that is always in our clients best interest.
   We are an Irish & Uk owned company and pride ourselves on the high level of personalised service we offer our clients. To further discuss our fees and services ,Do contact with us through our email .

 NOTICE: We do also Assist in procuring UK and Australian Work visas and Visitors visas.

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