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Canadian immigration law is made up of thousands of pages of complicated acts, regulations and other legislative instruments which makes it a complex and dauting subject for the inexperienced. Few are ever prepared to navigate the process alone, and often find themselves in trouble as a result of an incorrect approach taken to begin with. 

  The Citizenship and Immigration Canada cannot and do not advise on your immigration matter, but provide you with generic information forms and booklets, which isn’t enough.

  To ensure that your matter is a success, we see to it that all cases are presented to the Citizenship and Immigration in accordance with legislative and procedural requirements from the very beginning.

  We are trained and fluent in all aspects of the interpretation and application of the Migration Act, the Migration Regulations and the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Procedures and Advice Manual and also keep up to date with the latest changes in immigration law and policy and procedure by attending compulsory Continuing Professional Development seminars on an ongoing basis As a result, we have developed significant experience in temporary and permanent Canadian visa applications and can also help with all review matters before the relevant tribunals.

  This transpires into our ability to provide you with a fast, accurate and reliable service in accordance with your specific requirements. We begin by reviewing all information provided by yourself, and use internally developed  Quality Assurance mechanisms to articulate your circumstances to official decision makers.
   We will communicate directly with the the authorities on behalf of all clients, organising a case in a logical manner, clarifying issues, and reducing the likelihood of unnecessary misunderstandings about your backgroud that may result in unnecessary delays or a visa refusal.

  This is why the skill and experience of your chosen representative should matter the most, and it is in your best interest to question the area/s of expertise of your chosen  representative to ascertain their competence to effictively deal with your case.
   In our professional duties, we are bound by strict professional standards of practice and Our professional registration allows us to represent clients before the Citizenship and Immigration Canada, related government authorities, skills assessing authorities and consular offices throughout the world.
Our services have been trusted by international celebrities, sporting professionals, small businesses, large corporations in Canada and overseas and skilled professionals from all over the globe.
   We provide all our clients with a results oriented commitment that involves:
  *  An accurate determination of the procedural requirements associated with your particular visa subclass.
  *  A personalised request and review all documentation from you which is based on your individual circumstances.
  *  We work with you to prepare all relevant forms and Documents required for visa processing;
  *  We liaise with any external bodies and inform you of any assessments or other preparatory measures you must undergo prior to the submission of your visa application.
  *  We collate and present all of the necessary forms and supporting documentation in the format preferred by CIC;
  *  We prepare a detailed submission addressing how you meet the legislative criteria associated with the grant of your visa
  *  We deliver your application and supporting documentation to the appropriate DIAC office or Canadian Diplomatic Mission.
  *  We closely monitor and inform you of the progress of your application until CIC or the relevant authority makes a determination; and
  *  We notify you immediately of the outcome.
For a confidential discussion on your case please contact  Paul Parker Assocates  on +353-91-447 248 or email




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